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Are Atlanta Falcons just fattening up on lesser foes?

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The Falcons should mop up the Raiders in Atlanta to stay unbeaten. I know you'll say they're padding their record against non-contenders. You're wrong, my man.

They're not padding their record. Combined record of the Falcons' opponents: 10-19. They've yet to be tested by a really good team.

WHAT? They've beaten Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers and Cam Newton and done it in a variety of ways.

You're right about one thing. Atlanta's best win came against Denver, but they didn't beat Manning. Manning beat Manning. That was the night he threw three picks, remember?

No, Atlanta's best win was when they fought back to beat Carolina. You sound like you're accusing Peyton of throwing the game. Why can't you give somebody props?

You're right. They've taken care of their business. So let's give the Falcons their props: They're the best team in the AFC West. Heck, they might even be able to compete in the SEC West.

Ha. Good one. You're just angry that the Jets haven't been one of their victims. If that happened, you'd be so happy, you might even crack a smile.

I'm reality-based. Not even Tim Tebow could help the Jets against Atlanta. And the Falcons are tough on backup QBs.

What? Dude, you are sleep deprived. What are you talking about?

Last Sunday. Your squad was losing when Washington went to its backup. Remember that, Sleepy? The Falcons didn't stay undefeated by beating RG3. They beat Kirk Cousins. Good night.



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