Brandon Jacobs, Jim Harbaugh 'ironed it out,' RB says


Brandon Jacobs went off script Wednesday, admitting he was frustrated about not playing for the San Francisco 49ers last week despite being healthy. The running back said his knee feels "phenomenal" and that he could have played a few weeks ago.

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The message was rather different Thursday.

"I've played through worse injuries than I have now," Jacobs told reporters, via the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat. "But I have the rare opportunity where I have a chance to get healthy, 100 percent healthy. Coming into this season, I was injured, I was going to be down for a long time and they kept me. ...

"There aren't a lot of guys in the league who are 100 percent healthy. A lot of those guys are playing because they have no choice. In my case, I don't have to, and again, that's what I meant by a 'rare opportunity.' "

From Jim Harbaugh's mouth to 49ers beat reporters ears.

"I spoke to Coach Harbaugh a couple times the last couple days," Jacobs said. "We ironed it out. We got it done. I understand where Coach is coming from."

The 49ers don't need Jacobs. He's a luxury, an insurance policy. Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter are going to be their top two running backs regardless of Jacobs' health. That might take some getting used to for Jacobs, who says anyone thinking he was unhappy with his playing time was making a grave, albeit common mistake.

"Assuming makes an ass out of you and me both," Jacobs said. "We don't do that."

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