Ben Roethlisberger stat correction spurs fantasy chaos


Are you still stumbling around this morning like an extra from "The Walking Dead" after that ridiculously narrow defeat in your fantasy league? Are you plotting revenge against the buddy who sent you that obnoxious email Tuesday morning?

Well, take a moment right now to check the final score again. Your life might be markedly better for it.

Due to several notable stat corrections, more than 34,000 Week 5 fantasy matchups were impacted on

The whopper here is Ben Roethlisberger, who's now credited with a 13-yard touchdown pass to Rashard Mendenhall. That play alone swung results in 20,000 matchups this week, including a tussle involving our very own Handsome Hank and his Violent Executioners.

That's right -- nearly 70,000 fantasy users woke up Thursday with a different record than they had the night before, 40,000 because of one Big (Ben) stat correction. The siren call of the fantasy gods is mighty on this day.

Mendenhall originally was credited with a 13-yard touchdown run on the play, though it was later determined Roethlisberger's check-down throw went forward.

There are several other changes, which you can find in a blog post by fantasy guy Marcas Grant.

Now, GO CHECK YOUR TEAM. Seriously.

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