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Browns' Scott Fujita rips Roger Goodell in statement

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In a strongly worded statement obtained by NFL Network and's Albert Breer, Cleveland Browns linebacker Scott Fujita went on the offensive against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Fujita's suspension for his involvement in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal was reduced from three games to one, but Fujita didn't take kindly to the wording of the commissioner.

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The Browns linebacker accused Goodell of a "condescending tone" and called the commissioner's action's "an absolute abuse" of power.

Fujita went on to question Goodell's commitment to player safety, calling into the question the commissioner's decisions to push for an 18-game regular season, Thursday night games and employing underqualified replacement referees to start the 2012 season.

"The Commissioner says he is disappointed in me. The truth is, I'm disappointed in him," Fujita writes.

"My track record on the issue of player health and safety speaks for itself. And clearly, as I just listed, the Commissioner's does too."

Commissioner Goodell has not yet issued a response to Fujita's statement.



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