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At 2-3, are the Green Bay Packers in trouble of missing playoffs?

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I'm sure a lot of folks have shoveled dirt on the Packers' season, but they're not in trouble. As long as they have No. 12 under center, the Packers are going to be in the playoff hunt.

They hit the road to face an undefeated team in Houston and expose their quarterback to the perils of J.J. Watt? What could possibly give you the idea that they're in trouble?

Ha. Very funny. I think they're going to have problems with Houston but this isn't going to be a layup for the Texans, either. Winning every week isn't easy. Ask The Pack.

Two wins with one thing in common: each time Cedric Benson ran for more than 80 yards. Now he's got a Lisfranc? They're going to miss Ced more than you missed me during my book tour.

This just in, the Pack won a Super Bowl and 15 games last season without Ced. They started 3-3 in 2010, struggled to the finish line and ended up bringing the Lombardi Trophy to The Crib.

2010? It's 2011, and they miss Desmond Bishop. They miss Greg Jennings. Bottom line: for all the talk of a Super Bowl, a third of the season is almost gone and they've got all of two wins.

Glad you're good at math. Two wins and three losses is five. Eleven more games left, homey. Playoffs don't start in October.

Yeah, but it's already Lisfranc season.

That's cold. Why you going after Ced's injury? Oh, because you're upset your bid to get him into Canton is now put off a year. That's your sole motivation -- not the Packers' season.

Ced? This isn't about going to Canton. This is about going to New Orleans. Or, rather, not going. This is about a team that lost four of its last six games.

This is about tightening up the defense, protecting Rogers, getting Jennings back, and winning games. You're mad because you want to put on your Tebow Snuggie and get some sleep.

Let's see: Tightening up the D. Protecting the QB. Getting Jennings back. Winning games. Anything else? Maybe they need the Sanchise? Goodnight.



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