Chan Gailey seeks answers to Buffalo Bills' struggles


The list of embarrassing statistics for the Buffalo Bills defense is long and painful.

They are 31st in points allowed and yards allowed this season. The Bills have two of their worst three games in franchise history in a row. No team has given up at least 550 yards in consecutive weeks since ... 1950. There are 15 more painful facts, lovingly compiled by the Buffalo News.

"I'm so just drained right now," linebacker Nick Barnett said after the game via the Buffalo News. "I'm emotionally drained. I don't know where to go with it. I was fighting as hard as I could."

Mario Williams and the team's high-priced, talented defensive line is not getting to the quarterback. Coach Chan Gailey, whose seat is slowly warming, is looking for answers.

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"I think you keep searching," he told WGR 550 radio in Buffalo on Monday, according to "You're not beat until you quit. You're only beat if you quit. So as long as you're fighting and you're working, and that's for every Joe Blow that's out there. You're only beat when you quit. I hate quitters. I can't stand quitters. So that's the worst thing in the world. You can be down, and you can be out a little bit, but if you keep fighting, you've got a chance to solve problems."

Gailey has done too much searching on defense. He hires a new coordinator or changes schemes every year. He seems like a classic example of a coach that specializes in one side of the football and has no vision or plan for success on the other side. (Yes, we think Gailey is a good offensive coach if he has the right talent.)

"I have no answer," Gailey said after Sunday's 45-3 loss to the San Francisco 49ers. "I have no answer. I have no excuse. But I have to find the answer. That's my job."

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