Mike Mularkey: Blaine Gabbert will not be benched


Jacksonville Jaguars coach Mike Mularkey said he is not considering a quarterback change after Blaine Gabbert had two interceptions returned for a touchdown against the Chicago Bears in a 41-3 loss on Sunday. Gabbert also lost a fumble.

"The two pick sixes make it look like it's on him. He could have played better as they all could have. There are some things that I would like him to do better," Mularkey said.

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The Jaguars offense improbably may be worse this season. Gabbert is dead last among qualifiers in yards-per-attempt. The team is dead last in yards and points. The Jaguars have not even been competitive in three homes.

Mularkey told his team that "No matter what is said outside, I think people inside know we are closer than anybody will ever write or say in the next two weeks."

Mularkey preached staying the course. Some players felt otherwise.

"It's going to take something, because the same thing is not going to work," safety Dwight Lowery told the Florida Times-Union. "We can't keep doing the same thing."

Too often, we're seeing the same thing out of Gabbert that we saw last year. He sees the pass rush before it arrives. He's slow in his decision making. He freezes.

This season in Jacksonville is all about Gabbert's development. Thus far, we haven't seen much.

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