Report: Steven Jackson can void final year of contract


St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson started Thursday night against the Arizona Cardinals despite his groin injury. How much longer Jackson will remain in St. Louis remains a bigger question.

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CBS's Pete Prisco reports the Rams allowed Jackson to void the final year of his contract even though he didn't reach certain incentives. Jackson was scheduled to make $7 million next year.

Prisco calls it a strange move, but we disagree. Jackson never was going to get $7 million next year from the Rams or any team at age 30. (We love Jackson, but his market just wouldn't be that strong.) The Rams could have tried to trade Jackson in the offseason, but he wouldn't have had a market there.

This move makes all the sense in the world. It shows Jackson a lot of courtesy, which he deserves as the best player in the franchise over the last decade. It actually could help his chances of staying because the Rams won't be put in the awkward position of asking him to take a pay cut or possibly releasing him. New general manager Les Snead is establishing a respectful stance toward Jackson by letting him become a free agent.

Jackson has to be hungry to play for a winner after all these years, though. It's quite possible he'll go elsewhere next offseason in search of a Super Bowl ring.

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