The power seven teams: ATL's Power Poll entry


It was a week for stabilization in the NFL. The power teams -- even the ones that were 1-2 -- pulled off needed victories. The Houston Texans and Atlanta Falcons practically clinched their divisions in September. The stories of this season are starting to emerge.

The Power Poll barely changed at the top this week. Things are calcifying. It gives us a chance to break down the ATL entry into the Power Poll by tier. You can see all 13 entries into the Power Poll right here.

The Power Teams

1. Texans
2. 49ers
3. Patriots
4. Ravens
5. Falcons
6. Packers
7. Giants

This may be the best crop of 2-2 teams in NFL history. We expect one of them to make the Super Bowl. The defensive improvements in Green Bay and New England should pay off long term. The Giants are in the toughest spot here at 0-2 in the NFC East.


8. Cardinals
9. Eagles
10. Bears
11. Steelers
12. Seahawks
13. Bengals
14. Chargers
15. Cowboys
16. Vikings
17. Broncos

The Eagles have the talent to play better, but they are lucky to be 3-1. The Cardinals were 6-for-6 recovering fumbles against Miami. It doesn't get much luckier than that. The Bengals have proven they can beat the bad teams. The Bears' defense has been as consistent as any group in football.

Next level

18. Jets
19. Redskins
20. Panthers
21. Dolphins
22. Lions
23. Rams

These squads are all imbalanced. The Lions have great names, but it just hasn't shown up on Sundays. They could easily be 0-4. Miami is proving to be very feisty. I haven't given up on the Jets as a possible 8-9 contender despite how grim it looms now.

Back of the pack

24. Saints
25. Bills
26. Chiefs
27. Buccaneers
28. Colts
29. Titans
30. Raiders
31. Jaguars
32. Browns

Not all 2-2 records are created equal. The Bills have been blown out twice by division opponents. These are teams that would shock us by getting into the playoffs.

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