Will Houston Texans send Arian Foster to 400 Club?


Arian Foster leads the NFL with 103 carries through four games. That puts him on pace for 412 rushes this season. That's a lot.

Only five players have reached the 400 Club. Unless your name is Eric Dickerson or perhaps Eddie George, you're never the same after it. Larry Johnson is still looking for his burst under the couch cushions.

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Foster could stand to carry the ball a bit less, but that doesn't mean he will. Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak won't shy away from the possibility of Foster keeping up his pace for 17 weeks.

"He can handle it; I know that," Kubiak said Monday, via Nick Scurfield of HoustonTexans.com. "You never know how the season's going to go."

For obvious reasons, Kubiak should think twice before subjecting his star to that type of punishment. And besides, have we forgotten that the Texans have one of the NFL's best backup running backs in Ben Tate? Tate is dealing with a toe injury, but still ...

Foster carried the ball 327 times when he won the rushing title in 2010. There's no reason for him to go much further beyond that. Pump the brakes, Gary.

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