Texan: Titans' David Stewart pulled hair, rode back


The Houston Texans look like the best team in the AFC. All of their success seems to be driving their opponents a little crazy.

Three weeks after the team accused Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito of playing dirty, the Texans say that Tennessee Titans tackle David Stewart upped the ante during Sunday's game.

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"I saw some things I've never seen before," defensive end Antonio Smith told John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. "I saw him try to pull (Reed's) hair out, tried to ride somebody's back, which I thought was kind of funny, actually."

We give Stewart extra points for creativity and local flair by adding rodeo moves to his arsenal. Stewart also went with a few more conventional attacks.

"He's like Incognito," outside linebacker Connor Barwin said of Stewart. "Everybody will say it -- he's a dirty player. He threw a punch at me. He threw a punch at Brooks."

Safety Danieal Manning saw Stewart "kneeling" cornerback Johnathan Joseph at another point.

"I said, 'This guy's crazy,'" Manning said.

The Texans have the ultimate trump card. After years of mediocrity, they already have a three-game lead over the Titans in the AFC South. No other team in the division has two wins. It's not too early to start talking about magic numbers.

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