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Green Bay Packers' offensive line woes overlooked


The Green Bay Packers-Seattle Seahawks game on "Monday Night Football" will be remembered as the straw that broke the NFL referees lockout. But the blown final call overshadowed a horrendous half by the Packers' offensive line.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was sacked eight times in the first 30 minutes, as right tackle Bryan Bulaga had one of the worst days of his NFL career.

"I think I didn't use any fundamentals for most of the first half," Bulaga told the Green Bay Press-Gazette. "I was just out there, I don't know what I was out there doing. I just wasn't playing my game, and that happens.

"I know that's not going to happen again."

Bulaga gave up two sacks to Seahawks rookie Bruce Irvin, including a bullying power-rush on the fourth offensive snap of the game. Bulaga was beat with both speed and power in those first two quarters. has Bulaga responsible for three sacks, two hits and 17 pressures in the Packers' first three games. He allowed one sack, two hits and 24 pressures in all of 2011.

"In this case, it started snowballing on (Bulaga)," Packers offensive line coach James Campen said. "There's nothing wrong with Bryan Bulaga. He's a very, very good player, and he's going to be better from this.

"He will thrive from this. All those kids will, they'll be better."

Bulaga has started 27 of 35 regular-season games since being drafted in the first round in 2010. He has all the makings of a 10-year starter at the position for the Packers -- smart, strong, athletic, good footwork. Pre-draft concerns about short arms proved ridiculous.

Bulaga has Pro Bowl talent in that 6-foot-5, 314-pound frame. Monday was about as ugly as it can get. The Shirelles warned us about days like this.

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