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Cleveland Browns Stadium with a retractable roof?

Tony Dejak / Associated Press
Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Derek Anderson sliding in the snow during a home game.

There's a lot to like about incoming Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III. His energy and fire are needed at the head of an organization that hasn't won a championship since 1964, but one of his potential fixes doesn't make much sense to us.

JH3 told members of Cleveland City Council he's exploring the possibility of adding a retractable roof to Cleveland Browns Stadium, the Akron Beacon Journal reported this week.

"One of the first acts that we'll do," Haslam said, "and I've said this several times, assuming we're approved (as owner), is to bring in, I think there's three nationally known stadium architects -- and you'd be crazy not to talk to all three of them -- and get their ideas about the stadium. We are completely open-minded, and we want to provide really two things: One, a great experience for our fans at a Browns game; the other thing, secondly -- and I assume this is what everybody in this room is interested in -- we want to use that facility as much as we possibly can, want to use it more than we can now."

From a financial angle, Haslam is correct. A roof would allow the city to expand its use of the stadium, but we don't care about the greenbacks -- we care about the game.

Cleveland's great advantage is hosting late-season showdowns in the dark chill of winter. We want the snow tumbling down, the winds whipping and the freezing rain pounding soft, warm-weather rosters from places like Miami and San Diego. Back when there was such a thing as playoff football in Cleveland, the elements were an ally. Why tear that away?

Let the Indianapolis Colts have their pretty roof. Cleveland football -- like the Green Bay Packers of the world -- should be at one with nature.

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