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Could Michael Vick be playing for his Eagles job?


Apparently, there are expectations when you're a member of the so-called Dream Team.

All eyes on you Michael Vick.

The Philadelphia Eagles were fortunate to play the Cleveland Browns last week as Vick had 317 passing yards, two touchdowns and four interceptions in Philly's 17-16 win. His quarterback rating was a paltry 51.0. A better team wouldn't have lost that game to the Eagles, and they face a much tougher task Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens.

NFL Network's Michael Lombardi now says Vick is now playing for his job.

"It's all about how he plays," Lombardi said Sunday on "NFL GameDay Morning."

"If he comes out and has the kind of year that he had the first year he became the starter, there's no problem. ... The way they structured this contract, it's basically play as you go. If he plays well, they'll continue to keep him. If he doesn't play well, they're going to start the Nick Foles era.

"Andy Reid has to win this year. Jeff Lurie has mandated everybody in the organization, they've got to win. ... Ultimately, they'll make that decision as the year goes on."

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