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San Francisco 49ers due for turnover vs. Detroit Lions?


The San Francisco 49ers haven't turned the ball over in six consecutive games. They will tie the 2010 New England Patriots for the NFL record if they get through Sunday's game against the Detroit Lions clean.

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However, Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham says the 49ers are due.

"The ball has to come out sooner or later and when they do, they usually come in bunches," Cunningham told the Detroit News. "I am sure it's on their mind that they haven't turned it over. I hope it stays on their mind."

The 49ers have gone 378 plays, 173 Alex Smith throws and 95 Frank Gore rushes without giving it up to the opponent. That's an impressive run, especially with Smith prominently involved.

We can now joke about Smith's, um, rocky early years, right?

The Lions' defense was tied for No. 2 in the NFL last season with 34 turnovers. They'll probably need a couple to pull off the upset Sunday.

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