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No-huddle offense speed changes NFL game broadcast


Feel like you're seeing fewer replays during NFL games? Getting less info? Not enough Matt Millen? I kid, no one ever has asked for more Millen. Plus, he's no longer on NFL Network's Thursday Night Football.

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Blame New England Patriots' Bill Belichick, the Green Bay Packers' Mike McCarthy and now the Baltimore Ravens' John Harbaugh.

The increased use of no-huddle offenses has broadcasters scrambling to keep up. Less time in between snaps means less time for replay, graphics and other tidbits.

"When you're calling a Patriots game you cannot rest," CBS broadcaster Marv Albert told the Wall Street Journal.

FOX color commentator and NFL Network analyst Brian Billick added, "It's tight enough as it is, you only have 10 to 15 seconds to make a point and now you don't even have that."

The reduction of replays is frustrating at times. But the positive might be less Tebow talk over a 60-minute span. As long as they return from commercial on time, I'm good.

However, I would love to be there when the networks approach Belichick with the "problem."

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