Packers ranked way too low in Power Poll


It was a good week for the Harbaugh brothers. Jim's crew had the most impressive performance of the week in Green Bay, a result that could have repercussions deep into January.

John's team pounded a division rival at home in a performance where Joe Flacco lived up to all the offseason hype. It's only one week, but the Harbaughs have to both feel their teams have the talent to take that one extra step in the playoffs this year. Their teams are among the elite.

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The San Francisco 49ers jumped all the way to No. 1 in our Week 2 Power Poll; the Baltimore Ravens are at No. 4. Some other thoughts on this week's poll, with my entry at the bottom. You can see the entries from all 13 analysts right here.

The Green Bay Packers are way, way too low

These polls are silly. We know this. Did the Packers really go from the best team in the NFL to No. 8 in one week? I make my rankings based on what teams I believe would win on a neutral field. Green Bay is below Denver, Atlanta and Chicago. I put the Packers fourth. A few others had them third. Bucky Brooks had them 17th.

After Thursday night, expect them to leapfrog the Bears again.

The Philadelphia Eagles were awarded no style points

They fell four spots despite winning in Cleveland. It was the definition of an ugly win.

So much for sleepers

Trendy sleeper teams like the Carolina Panthers (No. 24), Seattle Seahawks (No. 23) and Kansas City Chiefs (No. 20) all fell hard in the Power Poll.

Buying the Broncos

The biggest climbs were by Mike Shanahan's current team and Shanahan's former team in Denver. Peyton Manning's boffo debut was enough to convince the 13 voters that the Broncos are a legitimate contender. I had them 11th.

My Poll

I'm stubborn. It's one week. I don't believe in the Broncos as an elite team yet or the Dallas Cowboys as the best NFC East team or the 49ers as the best team in the NFL. It's one week. Let's let this season breathe.

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1. Patriots
2. Texans
3. 49ers
4. Packers
5. Ravens
6. Eagles
7. Steelers
8. Falcons
9. Giants
10. Cowboys
11. Broncos
12. Saints
13. Jets
14. Bears
15. Lions
16. Redskins
17. Chiefs
18. Seahawks
19. Bengals
20. Panthers
21. Chargers
22. Raiders
23. Vikings
24. Cardinals
25. Buccaneers
26. Jaguars
27. Titans
28. Bills
29. Colts
30. Browns
31. Rams
32. Dolphins

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