Report: Dolphins' Ireland could be in 'serious trouble'


Life is all about expectations. The outside football world doesn't expect much of the 2012 Miami Dolphins. We predicted they would go 3-13, and their opening day meltdown didn't change our minds.

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Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is aiming higher. He said he expects to make the playoffs. If that doesn't happen, changes could be on the way.

A "friend" of Ross' told Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald that general manager Jeff Ireland will be in "serious trouble" if the Dolphins don't have a winning record this year. Ross reportedly doesn't have "blind faith" in Ireland. Another source said that Ireland would probably not survive the season if the Dolphins went 5-11. After all, Ireland's roster doesn't seem to be getting any better.

These are the same sort of friends of Ross who whispered to The Herald about Tony Sparano's job security last season. They were right, although they also helped poison the Miami season before it started. We've only played game, folks. These kind of articles in a local paper are a little ridiculous this early.

Ross might need new friends and a new general manager.

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