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Mario Williams rails against replacement refs after loss

Mario Williams -- the Buffalo Bills' $96 million man -- barely registered in the box score of Sunday's 48-28 loss to the New York Jets.

The Pro Bowl linebacker believes incompetence on the part of replacement referees explains why.

"You tell somebody from the very beginning of the game," said Williams, via The Buffalo News. "And it happens. One time, that's on me. But when it's multiple times and I tell you and you honestly act like you don't even hear me throughout the whole game, I think that's a real big problem.

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"It's not something that's really going to dictate something, but what are you going to do about it? You're getting off the ball and getting punched in the face, literally, not an accident, just about every other time. That's a penalty. Unless they changed it with the new CBA or something, but last time I checked it was a penalty."

Williams was matched up against right tackle Austin Howard, who was a backup to former Jet/human turnstile Wayne Hunter just three weeks ago. Jets coach Rex Ryan praised Howard for his work. Williams -- who finished with one tackle -- wouldn't do the same.

"Pass blocking doesn't include hands to the face," Williams went on. "When someone tells the officials that, and they just walk away, or they don't call it, that is disheartening."

Frustrating day for Williams and the entire Bills team. Given the expectations, Buffalo expects Williams to win his one-on-one battles, regardless of extra hurdles he perceives to be in his way.

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