Aaron Rodgers' head-scratching bet with Boyz II Men


Aaron Rodgers could be wearing a San Francisco 49ers jersey next week.

Before Green Bay Packers fans choke on their pre-kickoff bratwurst, let's clarify Rodgers is going nowhere. But according to a report by TMZ, Rodgers has agreed to wear an Alex Smith jersey for a week if the Packers lose their season opener to the Niners on Sunday.

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Apparently -- and this is where the story really gets weird -- Rodgers is friends with the guys from seminal R&B group Boyz II Men. He asked them to perform the national anthem at Lambeau on Sunday, to which the group agreed on the stipulation involving the Smith jersey.

A few things here:

1) Rodgers is clearly confident about the Packers' chances to agree to these terms.

2) If the Packers lost, Rodgers almost assuredly has to welch on the bet. It's unclear if Mike McCarthy displays tangible human emotion, but Rodgers wearing red and gold in a team meeting won't sit well.

3) Wait ... Aaron Rodgers is friends with Boyz II Men? What were the circumstances that brought them together? Does this explain Tom Brady's private lunches with the dudes from All-4-One? It's possible.

Anyway, TMZ reports a rep for the band confirmed the deal is in place. This obviously becomes the most compelling storyline of Week 1.

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