Morris Claiborne Cowboys car owned by family friend


Dallas Cowboys rookie cornerback Morris Claiborne enjoyed a rock-solid debut Wednesday night against the New York Giants. We re-watched his performance using the Coaches Film function on Game Rewind (On iPad. This will change your life.)

Claiborne did a nice job tracking Hakeem Nicks all night, primarily playing press coverage. The top-10 draft pick wasn't perfect -- he struggled defending the run -- but he looked like he belonged.

Slowing down Nicks wasn't the most impressive thing we learned about Claiborne this week, though. Behold: The car that Claiborne apparently bought for his parents after the draft.

The picture comes via A reader sent it in from Shreveport, La., saying Claiborne got it for his parents. We haven't independtly verified this, but there is no way anyone else but his parents could own that car.

Western Louisiana is filthy with Cowboys fans, so the Claiborne-mobile probably is pretty popular around town. We just don't recommend the family take it on a road trip to Philadelphia.

UPDATE: Claiborne later hit Twitter with a clarification:

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