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Harbaugh: Aaron Rodgers at 'highest level' of any QB


NFL coaches love to talk up opponents. It's easy to talk up Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers. Jim Harbaugh laid it on thick this week.

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"The quarterback is playing at the highest level in the history of the game," Harbaugh told KNBR in San Francisco via

I don't think this is that outrageous of a statement. It's hard to think of any quarterbacks that do as many things well at once as Rodgers. (Sorry, Tom Brady.)

"He's doing everything really well, at the highest level I think that anybody has ever seen in terms of getting the ball out of his hands quick, throwing with tremendous accuracy, velocity and then the way he runs the football, he runs to score touchdowns in the red zone and is very, very good at running the football and very smart running the football," Harbaugh said. "When he runs, he hurts ya. Picking up first downs and scoring touchdowns in the red zone."

49ers-Packers is a perfect Week 1 game because it's a game we wanted to see last year. The league's best player against the league's best defense.

History tells us that Rodgers or the 49ers defense will decline this year. On Sunday afternoon, Harbaugh gets a chance to prove his own words wrong.