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Bilal Powell tops Joe McKnight as Jets' third-down back


The New York Jets want to return to their punishing ground-and-pound roots of old, and running back Shonn Greene is being asked to lead the way. Greene is the bell cow in Gotham, but when he's not on the field -- and Tim Tebow isn't spinning his gold -- Bilal Powell will be called.

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Powell has bested Joe McKnight for the third-down role, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reported Wednesday.

Powell beat out McKnight with a productive preseason (26 carries for 92 yards), and he's seen as a better pass protector for Mark Sanchez, who was sacked 39 times last season.

This isn't the end for McKnight, who's nursing a hamstring injury. He'll still earn carries and find his way into a variety of plays, but Powell is Greene's primary backup to start the season.

Of course, the third-down back's role in New York could look different than on other teams around the league. We're still waiting to see what Tebow's magical Wildcat subpackage brings to town.

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