Too much New York Giants love in Power Poll


The Power Poll was unveiled Tuesday morning because we need more football rankings in our lives.

I'm happy to be representing Around the League with 12 other analysts, including Kurt Warner, Willie McGinest, Charley Casserly, Gil Brandt and other assorted folks who know more about football than me. You can look at our individual rankings here, but I'm going to use this space to point out where the consensus got it wrong.

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The New York Giants are ranked too high

I had them seventh, which actually is above where Warner, Brandt and Steve Wyche ranked them. Six voters put them first because they're the champs. They also were a 9-7 team last season. This poll should be about this season.

Everyone loves the Houston Texans

They start the year tied for third overall with the New England Patriots. I can't argue too much after listing them fifth. There might not be a safer choice to be a division winner this season. The schedule plays into Houston's favor.

No one loves the New York Jets

Dan Hanzus and I picked the Jets to make the playoffs, but we're in the minority. Rex's bunch is buried at No. 22, one spot behind the Buffalo Bills. The Jets also trail the Seattle Seahawks, San Diego Chargers and Tennessee Titans.

Peyton has some convincing to do

Peyton Manning looked terrific in the Denver Broncos' final preseason game. Sports Illustrated picked the Broncos to reach the Super Bowl, but they're hardly seen as a lock for the playoffs. They're ranked 13th overall. I put them at No. 18. The defense is a big concern.

The NFC North is a little overrated

The Chicago Bears ranked 10th, and the Detroit Lions were 12th. The expectations are rather high for two teams with difficult schedules and a lot more holes on defense. It wouldn't be a surprise if only one NFC North team made the playoffs.

My Power Poll entry

  1. 1. Packers
  2. 2. Patriots
  3. 3. Steelers
  4. 4. Ravens
  5. 5. Texans
  6. 6. Eagles
  7. 7. Giants
  8. 8. Saints
  9. 9. 49ers
  10. 10. Falcons
  11. 11. Chiefs
  12. 12. Seahawks
  13. 13. Panthers
  14. 14. Lions
  15. 15. Jets
  16. 16. Bears
  17. 17. Cowboys
  18. 18. Broncos
  19. 19. Bengals
  20. 20. Chargers
  21. 21. Titans
  22. 22. Bills
  23. 23. Cardinals
  24. 24. Redskins
  25. 25. Raiders
  26. 26. Jaguars
  27. 27. Rams
  28. 28. Colts
  29. 29. Vikings
  30. 30. Buccaneers
  31. 31. Dolphins
  32. 32. Browns
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