Vince Young released by Buffalo Bills


Vince Young's last, best chance for NFL success might prove to just be his last chance. and NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports that Young has been released by the Buffalo Bills, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

Young wrote a somewhat cryptic tweet Monday morning that indicated his release.

Young was in position to be the team's backup, but his struggles throughout the preseason sealed his fate. VY completed less than half of his 26 passes for only 103 yards and two picks on Saturday against the Steelers.

The team agreed to acquire Tarvaris Jackson shortly after that.'s Peter King reported that the Bills only had to give up a seventh-round draft pick that could upgrade to the sixth round for Jackson. The fact that Buffalo had to send a draft pick away to replace Young says a lot, though.

When Young signed in Buffalo, we said that he should be a good fit for Chan Gailey's offense. Gailey has done a great job creatively maximizing production with mobile quarterbacks in the past. If Young couldn't make it in Buffalo, he probably won't make it anywhere.

As the last remaining member on the Vince Young bandwagon, even I have to admit that the ride is probably over.

UPDATE: The Bills confirmed Young's release Monday on their official website.

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