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Baltimore Ravens fans put on alert for rabies exposure


Large chunks of the new Batman film "The Dark Knight Rises" were shot in the city of Pittsburgh, not to mention a mind-warping sequence that left viewers to question the fate of Hines Ward's doomed teammates?

All this big-screen attention for the Steel City doesn't play well with Baltimore Ravens fans, but the team can't be happy with nature's version of one-upsmanship.

According to NBCWashington, a bat descended upon a fan at M&T Bank Stadium last Friday during Baltimore's preseason loss to the Detroit Lions.

The creature wasn't captured in time for testing and now the Maryland Department of Health is asking anyone who came into contact with the winged nuisance to dial up authorities in hopes of preventing a potential rabies outbreak.

This tangled scenario might be humorous to the dark poet Edgar Allen Poe, who the Ravens are named in honor of. It's probably less funny to your run-of-the-mill Ravens fan just hoping for a little preseason face-time with Joe Flacco.

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