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John Elway: Brock Osweiler is Super Bowl-caliber


If everything goes according to plan, Brock Osweiler won't see the light of day this season.

The Denver Broncos don't want to their rookie quarterback touching the field outside of lighthearted mop-up work following yet another Peyton Manning masterwork.

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Same goes for next year, and maybe even the year after -- but not forever. Osweiler isn't being pushed to produce this season, but he was drafted to take over when Manning finally passes the gauntlet -- and the expectations won't shrink.

"There's not a better situation for Brock to be in and us to be able to set up the organization for 10 to 15 years, hopefully, to have somebody at that position you believe has the ability to win a Super Bowl," Broncos head honcho John Elway told Alex Marvez of

Elway told Marvez he doesn't talk a lot of Xs and Os with Manning, mainly because of their busy schedules, but also because he implicitly trusts his star quarterback. Manning's presence alone boosts confidence in Osweiler's development.

We've hammered this into the ground, but Osweiler is learning good habits from one of the game's best.

It turned heads when Denver spent a second-round draft pick on a quarterback who -- barring calamity -- won't see the field for years. But Elway, like all of Denver, understand the glaring void at the position since he walked away from the game so many moons ago.

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