DeSean Jackson tired of media 'twisting' his words


DeSean Jackson spoke with ESPN's Lisa Salters on Monday in an interview we applauded for its honesty. Here's the key quote on his contract last year:

"I let it get to me, even though I tried not to let it. I was trying to protect myself from getting hurt -- now I'm just giving it all," Jackson said.

These comments were picked up in a lot of places. It's not surprising Jackson was trying to protect himself last year. It was obvious. But Jackson isn't happy with how they came across.

"The Media love twisting my damn words up," Jackson wrote on Twitter. "An they always wondering why I don't wanna talk 2 they (expletive) .. That (expletive) is un - professional."

We didn't really notice how other places handled Jackson's words, so we're not sure exactly what outlet drew his ire. We're sure the Philadelphia radio stations weren't overly kind to him.

With that in mind, we won't say anymore. We'll let Jackson's words stand on their own and let you decide.

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