Presenting the best mustaches in NFL history

In honor of new coach Jeff Fisher, the St. Louis Rams will give out mustaches to all fans in attendance for their Week 2 preseason regular-season game, in an attempt to set a world record. It's a cool tradition that hopefully will carry over when the team moves to Los Angeles.

"NFL Total Access" started the conversation (in the video above) of the greatest mustaches in NFL history, with some good shots of Jake Plummer, Deion Sanders and new Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan.

A nice start, but here are the six greatest mustaches in NFL history.

And without further ado ...

  • Todd Christensen

    By my unofficial count, the Oakland Raiders led the world in facial hair during the '70s. The team had many contenders to crack this list, including Fred Biletnikoff, among others. But we're going to give Christensen the nod for doubling-down with the perm. An all-around great look.

  • Bubba Smith

    The late, great Smith had a glorious mustache, though he had a trouble spot just under his nose that he couldn't connect. Still, he had the look of a police officer. Hollywood apparently agreed with that assessment, as Smith had a long film career playing Officer Hightower in the "Police Academy" movies.

  • Aaron Rodgers

    Rodgers missed the perfect opportunity to shed the unimaginative (not to mention already taken) A-Rod moniker for something cool like Thunderlips when he started growing this mustache. But sadly, he shaved it off.

  • Joe Namath

    Of course, Namath was clean-shaven during the New York Jets' upset of the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III. But now imagine Namath running off the field at the Orange Bowl, index finger in the air, rocking this mustache? You get misty, right?

  • Mike Ditka

    Ditka rocked a solid 'stache when he was a player, but he was even more menacing as the mustachioed coach of Da Bears. Ditka's famed temper was even more demonstrative with that broom hanging about his lips. And to be honest, I'm kind of bummed Jim Harbaugh doesn't grow a mustache in homage to Ditka.

  • Ben Davidson

    Davidson has an autographed picture up at one of my favorite Las Vegas hot spots, Batista's Hole in the Wall (seriously, you should eat there). Davidson wrote, "Great food, free wine, the only thing better could be _ _ _." I'd like to believe he meant: The only thing better could be "My sweet mustache." Has to be, right?


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