Michael Irvin wants the 'Lombardi/Belichick trophy'


The worldwide search to find Bill Belichick's biggest fan is over. NFL Network's Michael Irvin wins.

"I think the world of Belichick. I told him this, 'Man, if it was up to me, that (Super Bowl) trophy would be called the Lombardi/Belichick.' I don't care what they think," Irvin told the Boston Herald. "It would be called the Lombardi/Belichick. That's how good he is to do what he's doing in this day and age, what the league is now."

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We honestly appreciate the sentiment. The Mount Rushmore of NFL coaches contains four men: Lombardi, Paul Brown, Bill Walsh and Belichick. But this proposal has about as much chance of happening as the league re-naming the Defensive Player of the Year award after Jonathan Vilma.

The New England Patriots head coach loves the history of the game so much that he donated an entire football library to the Naval Academy. Which is one reason why he'd be uncomfortable with the idea. He has long said that Paul Brown is the father of the modern NFL. Walsh said the same thing despite his complicated history with the man.

If anyone deserved the slash on the title trophy, it would be Brown with his seven championships and numerous innovations. But that's not going to happen either. You can't top Vince Lombardi.