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Matt Hasselbeck fights to be Tennessee Titans starter


Jake Locker might have emerged as the early favorite in the Tennessee Titans' quarterback competition, but don't expect Matt Hasselbeck to go down without a fight.

Hasselbeck had another strong practice Thursday, going 17 of 22 with an interception while running a "crisp" two-minute drill, according to The Tennessean.

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Hasselbeck is playing well, but he believes there is room for improvement.

"I could do better," Hasselbeck said. "I could definitely do better."

"Calling the plays better, new concepts ... and then obviously making better decisions and better throws."

Hasselbeck has not had a career in which things have been handed to him. He didn't get his first crack at a starting job until he was 26. A 13-year veteran, he knows how tune out outside noise.

"That's not hard for me at all," he said. "I just have not taken that (worried) approach ever, really," he said. "Maybe aside from my first year in the league when I was comparing every throw I had to Brett Favre. That was a little depressing, so I came up with a new strategy."


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