DeSean Jackson: Andy Reid agrees with Barack Obama


President Barack Obama weighed in on Michael Vick's inability to slide, and it's clear that Vick is listening.

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Perhaps just as important: Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid is actually changing the way he calls plays to keep Vick from getting hurt.

Speaking on "NFL AM" this morning, wide receiver DeSean Jackson said that Reid has designed plays for Vick to go down and slide.

"I think (Vick's) caught on man, I don't think he wants to take them hits and I don't think he wants to be hurt no more this year," Jackson told our insanely early rising morning crew. "Sometimes when he gets hit or sometimes when he runs I get mad because a lot of times because he doesn’t know how to protect himself. This year, Obama, you know everybody has been on him."

So Jackson essentially feels like your average Eagles fan when he sees Vick get hit. He is simultaneously holding his breath and muttering under his breath at the same time.