, Google + take fantasy football to new level


It takes a lot to impress the citizens of Earth in 2012. Everything is amazing and no one is happy. If the Internet on our direct flight to Los Angeles is spotty, we grumble before watching a downloaded movie on our tablet.

Play fantasy football on
Why play fantasy football anywhere else? This season, GO LEGIT with the official free fantasy football game of the NFL.

The bar is set incredibly high before we say, "Wow, that's pretty cool." That's why I was pleasantly surprised when my corporate overlords described our fancy new fantasy football feature.

Through Google+ Hangouts, fantasy football leagues can now hold live video chat during drafts and Sundays. The entire league is on together while making picks, trades and inappropriate jokes. The NFL's description and this TechCrunch article explains the technology better than I can, but the feature essentially enables live online drafts really to be live, with the trash talking and everything.

As someone who has played in fantasy sports leagues for almost 20 years, that's pretty amazing and should make everyone happy.