Jim Schwartz: I wasn't criticizing McCarthy, Packers


Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz said he didn't realize he was criticizing Mike McCarthy and the Green Bay Packers' adventures in skeet shooting. Schwartz thought he was just making fun of skeet shooting teams in general.

This story goes back to mandatory minicamp, when McCarthy canceled the Packers' final practice and took the team skeet shooting. Schwartz later appeared to jab at McCarthy calling off practice.

"We had no sporting clays today or no amusement parks or water parks," Schwartz said in June after the conclusion of the Lions' minicamp.

"You know what's really funny?" Schwartz said Tuesday when asked about the back-and-forth from the offseason. "I had no idea that it was even that. I had players who were saying, 'Hey coach, somebody went skeet shooting. Somebody went to a water park.

"You know what's really funny? (Bill) Keenist (Lions senior vice president of communications) sent me that article, and the day that article came out, you know what I was doing? Skeet shooting. I thought that was the funniest thing. That literally was about us and about where we were. It had nothing to do with any other thing."

(First of all, did anyone know skeet shooting was this possible? Have any readers done it since "Duck Hunt"?)

OK, then. Schwartz was criticizing a faceless skeet shooting team, not the Packers. So what does Schwartz think about McCarthy's pointed response to Schwartz.

"It don't matter to me," Schwartz said, before dropping the mic and walking out the room.

(Note: Schwartz did not actually drop the mic and walk out the room. But it would be awesome if he did.)