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Jerry Jones: I'm 'too pissed' to talk to Dez Bryant


In case you haven't noticed, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been quite quoteworthy of late.

On Monday, Jones told and NFL Network's Ian Rapoport he was looking forward to "beating the Giants' ass" this season. There was also this.

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These are the perks of owning an NFL franchise. You can basically say whatever you want. Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett might not want his own players talking trash about the Super Bowl XLVI champs, but far be it from him to stand in the way of his boss.

"Jerry Jones owns this football team and has owned it for 23 years and can do anything he wants," Garrett said.

And while Jones clearly has no problem sharing his feelings, he's not ready to talk to wide receiver Dez Bryant, currently entangled in legal issues after allegedly striking his mother during an argument this month. During an appearance on KRLD-FM, Jones said he has yet to speak with Bryant about his latest brush with the law. When asked why, Jones clarified himself.

"Because I'm too pissed to talk to him."

If Bryant has nine lives with the Cowboys, he already might have used his eighth.


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