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Santonio Holmes says his Super Bowl XLIII catch best


There has been no shortage of great, memorable plays throughout Super Bowl history. There's Lynn Swann's acrobatic catch in the Pittsburgh Steelers' 21-17 win over the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl X. And there's Adam Vinatieri's multiple game-winning field goals for the New England Patriots.

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In terms of great catches, Swann's is among the top three. From a "degree of difficulty" standpoint, however, Swann faces stiff competition from New York Giants receiver David Tyree's "Catch-42" in Super Bowl XLII, and Steelers receiver Santonio Holmes' toe-tapping, game-winning grab the following season in Super Bowl XLIII.

In an interview with WRKS-FM on Monday, Holmes said his catch was the better of the two.

"Hands down, Number 10," Holmes said via the New York Post. "Ten toes in the end zone...He (Tyree) made a play that happened to be the play he was supposed to make but it did not win that game for them."

It's hard to argue with Holmes' logic, and he did earn Super Bowl MVP honors for that play and his nine total receptions for 131 yards. But it also could be argued that Holmes doesn't have a chance to win the game if it weren't linebacker James Harrison's 100-yard interception return as time expired in the first half. Harrison's big play was a 14-point swing in what ended up being a four-point game.

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