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Andrew Luck 'just gets it,' Colts' Bruce Arians says


There's no more quarter system, no final exams to distract him from the big picture. Andrew Luck is now a quarterback in the NFL.

"Your life turns very simple," Luck said Saturday from Indianapolis Colts training camp at Anderson University in Anderson, Ind. "I appreciate that during camp. You really have football to focus on and not much else. That excites me."

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Luck's commitments at Stanford put him a bit behind the curve, but his football IQ is one of the reasons the Colts took him off the board with the No. 1 overall pick.

"I've never been around a guy who can learn that fast," said offensive coordinator Bruce Arians. "I've been around guys who are extremely smart, worked extremely hard at it, but he just gets it. It's kind of scary that he can -- I have to watch that he and I don't get ahead of everybody else, because his learning curve is so quick.

"Those young receivers, young tight ends, he'll leave them in the dust; and I'll leave them in the dust because I have a way of doing that myself with the quarterback."

It's quite a compliment by Arians, especially when you remember he was the Colts' quarterbacks coach in 1998, when a hotshot rookie named Peyton Manning was digesting his first NFL playbook.


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