Gridiron Breakdown: Summer Olympics or Super Bowl?

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The Olympic opening ceremonies were Friday evening (or morning, depending on where you live) and it begs to question, what is the better sporting event - the summer Olympics or the Super Bowl? We might be biased here on, so it's important to do this fairly, so let's take it to the grid.

Event: Summer Olympics Super Bowl Give it to ...
Year the first one was held: 1896 1967 Summer Olympics
Location: Athens, Greece Los Angeles Push
This year's location: London New Orleans Push
Motto: Citius, Altius, Fortius (Latin for swifter, higher, stronger) Who wants it more? Believe in now? Own the moment? Summer Olympics. We really need a cooler motto.
Where else can you see: Nations around the world wearing their traditional dress Raider Nation dressed up like Star Wars characters Summer Olympics
Best anthem: "O Canada" "Hail to the Redskins" Summer Olympics
Past-their-prime performers: Spice Girls at the closing ceremonies Madonna at halftime of Super Bowl XLVI Super Bowl
What's that burning? The Olympic torch as it makes its way from Greece The Patriots secondary Super Bowl
Team everybody roots against: America America's team Summer Olympics
Winners get: Gold medal Lombardi Trophy Summer Olympics. Seriously, it's real gold.
First champion: James B. Connolly Green Bay Packers Super Bowl. Seems harsh, but the Packers win because David Caruso played Connolly in the movie about his life.
First marathon: 490 BC ABC Super Bowl pregame show 1985 Summer Olympics
Most decorated athlete: Michael Phelps Charles Haley Summer Olympics
Will they go into their respective sports Hall of Fame? Yes No Seriously, how can the Pro Football Hall of Fame leave out Charles Haley?
Considered the greatest to compete: Muhammad Ali Joe Montana Summer Olympics
Really, this guy won a gold medal/Super Bowl: Christian Laettner Trent Dilfer Super Bowl
Most famous virgin: Lolo Jones Tim Tebow Summer Olympics
Best performance with a busted wheel: Kerri Strugg in 1996 Jack Youngblood in Super Bowl XIV Super Bowl
Best run: Usain Bolt in 2008 Marcus Allen Super Bowl XVIII Super Bowl. Let's see Bolt reverse field like that. Anybody can run in a straight line.
Best air: Jesse Owens in the Berlin Olympics in 1936 John Elway in Super Bowl XXXII Summer Olympics
Biggest referee controversy: Roy Jones losing the gold medal in 1988 Did Big Ben score on that touchdown in Super Bowl XL? Super Bowl.
Greatest team: 1992 men's basketball Dream Team 1976 Oakland Raiders Summer Olympics. (And don't get mad at me, readers picked the '76 Raiders as the greatest of all-time.)


Geez, the Summer Olympics treated the Super Bowl like Charles Barkley treats an Angola basketball player. Oh well, at least our game is every year!

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