Andrew Luck has to learn a 'whole new' Colts offense


The transition from college to the NFL is notoriously difficult for rookie quarterbacks. That's especially true when you are learning a much different offensive system than you worked under in college.

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On a conference call with Indianapolis Colts fans Thursday, Andrew Luck talked about that very challenge.

"The Stanford offense has a lot of the West Coast ideas in it," Luck said via the Indianapolis Star. "So all of the terminology was West Coast. (Colts offensive coordinator Bruce) Arians' offense is not West Coast, so it's learning a whole new thing. It's not too bad, and practice reps help."

The Stanford system took advantage of Luck's biggest strengths: his athleticism, accuracy, and quick decision making. Arians system -- honed in Pittsburgh of late -- relies more on deep throws. The difference between the two systems has not been talked about much, but it could make Luck's introduction to the league even tougher.

Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski did a masterful job blending Cam Newton's talents to his system last year. Arians must show he can do the same with Luck.