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NFL must cure plague of premature dynasty talk


When did everyone go and get themselves in such a rush to become a dynasty?

In the good old days, a dynasty was organic. You won a couple of titles -- guzzled down the sweet nectars of those glorious victories -- and only then did the speculation begin.

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Let's say a dynasty is defined as three or more titles over the span of six seasons. By that measurement, only four teams have done it in the Super Bowl era: The Pittsburgh Steelers ('74, '75, '78, '79), San Francisco 49ers ('84, '88, '89), Dallas Cowboys ('92, '93, '95) and New England Patriots ('01, '03, '04).

In other words, this is a brawny man's business. The "D" word should not be tossed around casually.

Michael Vick stuck his foot in his mouth earlier this month when he said a dynasty was within reach for the Eagles, who -- for the record -- haven't won "ah" Super Bowl, let alone many Super Bowls that would necessitate an entire dynasty.

When the defending champion New York Giants arrived at training camp on Thursday, you can guess what came next.

"We're not a dynasty," defensive end Justin Tuck said, via The Associated Press. "We have some work to do ourselves. Right now, there is not one here (in the NFC East) yet. Hopefully, we can become that first dynasty."

Yes, hopefully. Tuck and the Giants might be closer than anyone right now ... but they're still light years away.


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