Brett Keisel drives tractor to Steelers training camp

Having decided a bushy beard on the frame of a giant has failed to summon the proper level of attention, Brett Keisel rolled into Pittsburgh Steelers training camp Wednesday in an orange front-loading tractor.

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This wasn't a stunt in which Keisel hopped in the tractor around the corner and drove it a few hundred yards. The veteran defensive end commuted an hour in the machine, on loan from a friend.

(Also worth mentioning: Keisel was wearing a T-shirt featuring his likeness -- in full uniform -- on the winning end of a flaming bow and arrow.)

"I love driving these things because it reminds me of my childhood," Keisel said, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "I grew up swathing hay and plowing fields and planting fields.

"I grew up in Wyoming driving one of these bad boys working on a farm," he said. "Hard work pays off. You have to deal with adversity, all the things we have to deal coming into this camp."

Also dealing with adversity: The poor suckers stuck behind the tractor on Route 30.