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Roy Williams will try out for Houston Texans


Coming off a season in which he afflicted the Chicago Bears with an acute case of buyer's remorse, free-agent wide receiver Roy Williams has landed a tryout with the Houston Texans.

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The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Wednesday that Williams will work out for the Texans on Thursday. Williams' agent, Ben Dogra, confirmed the tryout.

The Texans don't have a receiver on their roster with a single NFL catch after Andre Johnson and Kevin Walter, a reality that seemingly would bode well for Williams, who has 393 receptions in nine seasons.

Of course, Texans officials might be scared off if they consult game tape from Williams' one season at Soldier Field. The 30-year-old receiver struggled to make an impact with the Bears, showing little burst and a shaky set of hands.

Factoring in age and his well-documented struggles last season -- in the last several seasons, really -- we'd be surprised if Williams gets a job out of this. But there's no denying Houston has a need for experience at the position. If nothing else, Williams provides that.


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