Jason Garrett offers support to Dez Bryant, mother


The mother of Dez Bryant does not want to press charges against her son after his arrest for assault. The family, through lawyer Royce White, hopes to solve their problems through counseling.

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That's an approach that Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett supported on Wednesday.

"I have spoken to Dez a number of times since the incident last week" Garrett told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "First and foremost we support Dez Bryant's family. We support Dez, we support his mom. We want to help them any way that we can and we have the resources to do that. He needs to feel the support; she needs to feel the support from the Dallas Cowboys organization, the coaches, the players, the staff."

Garrett spoke at length about Bryant with compassion. He stressed the Cowboys knew the developmental challenges Bryant faced when they drafted him, and that they were doing everything to support him.

It's the right approach. If they are going to keep Bryant out of trouble, they need to work with him, not against him. Garrett's words seemed to indicate that any potential suspension for Bryant would not come from the team.