Jake Locker similar to Vince Young, Titans' Verner says


Tennessee Titans fans are so excited about the Jake Locker era in part because it's not the Vince Young era. They have a new franchise quarterback to pin all their hopes on.

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When it comes to style of play, however, Titans cornerback Alterraun Verner notes that the two quarterbacks might not be so different. Asked by Ross Tucker on Sirius XM NFL Radio for a player comparison to Locker, Verner immediately said "Vince Young."

This is the part where it would be easy to make a joke. But it's not a bad comparison at all.

Jake Locker is an imposing, physically gifted quarterback. He is better throwing on the move and outside the pocket than he is dropping back from center. Locker faces questions about his accuracy and ability to assimilate into an NFL offense quickly. Does that remind you of anyone?

From a pure skillset standpoint, Young is a good comparison for Locker. The difference, Titans fans hope, will come off the field. Young let his teammates down as a leader with erratic behavior and a lack of focus away from the field.

That's where Locker hopes to make his run in Tennessee different than Young's tenure.