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Drew Brees changes diaper after contract signing


Make no mistake: Drew Brees' new contract with the New Orleans Saints is lucrative enough to clear him of diaper-changing duty for roughly the next 700 years.

But in the moments after signing his $100 million extension, life didn't change much for the Saints star.

"The minute I got off the phone (after agreeing to terms with the New Orleans Saints), I changed Bowen's poopy diaper, then I went downstairs and did a load of whites in the washer and then I went upstairs and put Baylen's lunch away in the refrigerator," Brees said during his Tuesday press conference. "That was pretty much standard operation in the offseason, so nothing changed.

"Was I excited (the contract) was done? Was it a relief? Yes. Other than that, I had the same mind-set."

Brees could use an agent for his own household.


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