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DA: Dez Bryant's mother doesn't want to press charges


The mother of Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant doesn't want to pursue an assault case against her son, according to The Associated Press.

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Bryant was arrested July 16 on a charge of misdemeanor family violence following an altercation with Angela Bryant. Dez Bryant allegedly slapped his mother in the face with a ball cap and ripped her clothing while grabbing her.

A Dallas County district attorney's spokesperson told The AP that the case DeSoto (Texas) police filed against Bryant includes an affidavit of non-prosecution from the complainant. The affidavit means the complainant doesn't want to proceed.

The DA still can choose to pursue action against Dez Bryant, but Angela Bryant's affidavit likely would end any plans for prosecution. KXAS-TV in Dallas-Fort Worth reported the DA might speak with her about her decision.

Jamille Bradfield, Dallas County district attorney spokesperson told and NFL Network that despite Angela Bryant's request not to proceed with the charge "that document in it of itself does not make the case go away, we will still evaluate it."

If the charge does go away, it wouldn't necessarily clear Dez Bryant of trouble with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Bryant still might be disciplined under the NFL's far-reaching personal-conduct policy. This was Bryant's first arrest since coming into the NFL, but he has been involved in other highly publicized incidents that Goodell could take into consideration.


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