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Wes Welker's picture missing from Patriots tickets


Let's face it: Once you do a Wes Welker hair transplant post, all sense of Welker-related decorum goes out the window. So now let's wildly speculate about the receiver's curious absence from some prominent New England Patriots artwork this season.

As Greg Bedard of The Boston Globe pointed out, Welker isn't featured on one Patriots game ticket in 2012. Considering Welker is coming off a 122-catch season, this cannot be chalked up as an oversight.

The sexy theory here is that Patriots brass is sending a subtle message that Welker isn't long for the team. The Patriots showed scant interest in getting an extension done this summer, and the receiver will play the 2012 season under the franchise tag.

A more spiteful blogger might throw out the theory the team is holding on to some residual bitterness after Welker's costly drop in Super Bowl XLVI. But that's not us. We don't do that type of thing around here.

Of course, we understand the truth might be far less intriguing. Welker didn't sign his tender until May 15. If the Patriots needed to go to the printer with the tickets before that date, they couldn't risk featuring a player who wasn't under contract at the time.

Again, logistical issues aren't nearly as fun. But don't surprised if they crack The Case Of The Missing Welker.

UPDATE: The Patriots told Bedard they went to the printer six days before Welker signed his tender. Per team policy, only players under contract are featured on tickets. Score another victory for logistics. Sigh.


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