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Wes Welker of Patriots had hair transplant procedure


Some athletes wouldn't want to advertise the fact that they have hair plugs. Wes Welker isn't one of those athletes.

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Our friend, Tom Curran of Comcast SportsNet New England, passes along word that the New England Patriots wide receiver has decided to be a spokesman for Dr. Robert Leonard of Leonard Hair Transplant Associates.

Welker underwent a procedure that "involved transplanting follicles to an area of Welker's scalp where his hair had started to thin," according to release from Leonard's company.

"Welker was immediately able to resume his regular activities, including training for the football season and even wearing a helmet," the release said, ensuring that we have way too much information on this vital story.

Combined with Welker's hilarious-yet-disturbing ad for diapers earlier this offseason, it's clear the receiver has a great plan for life after the NFL.