Andy Reid: No issues with Michael Vick's dynasty talk

When Michael Vick said last week that the Philadelphia Eagles had the talent to become a dynasty, it appeared to put expectations on a team that doesn't have a great track record of meeting them.

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But if you believe Eagles coach Andy Reid would have a problem with his quarterback's lofty ambition, think again. In his Sunday chat with the Philadelphia media, Reid threw his full support behind the signal-caller.

"That's all right, I'm OK with that. I know the player," Reid said. "I know this player, and I know he loves challenges, he's as competitive as anybody you've ever been around and he wants to win and he's willing to do whatever it takes physically and mentally to do that. So, I can't help but love that as a coach."

Reid proclaimed himself a "big Michael Vick" fan and said there's a difference between Vick's comments and Vince Young calling the Eagles a "dream team" before last season.

"I think (you see the difference) if you know the two different players here," he said. "OK, so that was a new player coming into town here, it was a different situation. He did it without any communication into that or know-how. I don't see it as ... I'm not worried about it."

There's been speculation the Eagles could begin looking in a different direction if Vick can't stay healthy and effective this season, but Reid certainly didn't sound like a coach on the fence about his QB on Sunday.