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Michael Vick: New York Giants 'team to beat' in NFL


Michael Vick would like to add a caveat to his declaration that the Philadelphia Eagles are a dynasty in the works.

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Capping a week in which the Eagles quarterback said his team had a chance to follow in the footsteps of the San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys of old, Vick pumped the brakes in an interview with

That obstacle up ahead? It's the New York Giants.

"I think any team that wins the Super Bowl is gonna be the team to beat," Vick said. "They're champions throughout until somebody else claims the throne."

Vick, at 32, acknowledged a "sense of urgency" to win a Super Bowl, but talked about stepping-stone goals for the team, namely consistency from week to week, something absent from last year's Eagles.

We've heard a lot from Vick this week, as he's been wheeled through a series of interviews. We don't see a problem with Vick's confidence -- quarterbacks are programmed to see the possibilities -- but the Eagles, all over again, face pumped-up expectations heading into the season. Maybe this time they'll live up to them.


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